Young Singer Captivates Wedding Guests In Emotional “God Gave Me You”


His voice rang out through the little white church like a wave of emotion, washing over every single guest and leaving them purely speechless in this moment they could never forget.

Sitting on a simple folding chair and holding his guitar, young Devin Hale poured every bit of his heart and soul out into this cover of Dave Barnes‘ unforgettable song, “God Gave Me You.”

Originally written and recorded by Barnes, the song gained even further fame and next-level stardom when Blake Shelton released his own version of the tender ballad.

Groom James Broughton and his wife Cara welcomed this talented singer to their big day and his performance of this fan-favorite country song made their day even more special! The entire church fell silent as Hale began singing and clung to every note that swept through the small building.

With incredible talent like this, it’s no surprise that he has continued to sing and perform at various venues and at events in and around the Southern states in the years that have passed.

Watch Hale’s spirited and impressive performance of “God Gave Me You” for this very special occasion in the video below!