Nicole Kidman Wants To Give Away Her Wedding Dress

Don Arnold / Getty Images

With their 11th wedding anniversary approaching on June 25, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman seem to be falling deeper in love with each passing day. The two are known for their adorable displays of PDA during red carpet events, such as the Cannes Film Festival.

It’s obvious from the way Urban and Kidman interact with one another that they both love being in love. In fact, love means so much to Kidman that she is willing to give up one of her prized possessions in its name.

As the cover model for the July issue of InStyle, Kidman sat down with the magazine to talk about everything from her friendships to her taste in fashion. Once the latter topic was brought up, it was inevitable that the her iconic wedding dress would become part of the conversation.

Kidman had a surprising thing to say about the dress she wore for her nuptials to Urban, which was a Balenciaga made for her by Nicolas Ghesquière. She shared that she wants to give it away! But don’t worry, it’s all for a good purpose.

I’m giving my wedding dress…to an Australian exhibit called ‘Love,’” Kidman said. “I’ll support anything that supports love. Truly. Isn’t it the essence of everything? It can heal so many things. Good love, sweet love, kind love, gentle love, powerful love.”

Kidman also spoke about her love for her family, and how she enjoys taking care of others.  “I suppose the basis of who I am is maternal,” she said. “I’m the oldest child in my family, which probably has a lot to do with nurturing and taking care of people. So, yeah, a lot of my forces are maternal.

More than anything else, Kidman enjoys spending a normal day at home with her family. Although she gets the chance to attend many glamorous events with Urban, her favorite type of day with him is more on the casual side.

On weekends, we just hang—wake up, get the paper,” she said. “We eat together as a family, breakfast and dinner always. We’re very, very tight. It’s how I was raised. It’s what I know.”

In case you need something to remind you just how cute Urban and Kidman are together, tune in below to watch their adorable lip sync duet to “The Fighter.” We just love these two!