Old Law States Principal Must Take Care Of 12 Horses Students Rode To School

Conrad Public Schools / Facebook

Twelve students attending their last day of high school before graduating played a hilarious prank on the principal by riding their horses to school and forcing him to feed, water, and walk all of the animals.

Yep…that’s right. “Montana has an old law saying if a student rides their horse to school, the school principal has to feed and tend to the horse throughout the day,” the school district wrote on Facebook.

The seniors pranked the principal Raymond DeBruycker at Conrad Public Schools in northern Montana on Monday, May 23.

A photo shows the students sitting on their horses in front of the school as they posed for the picture, some of them wearing their cowboy hats and boots.

 “It looks like Mr. DeBruycker has his work cut out for him today….” the school district wrote.

Apparently, this is not the first time this has happened to a principal in the state of Montana.

Two students were said to have ridden their horses to Three Forks High School last year and the school district’s response about it was they took care of the horses. 

“It’s still on the Montana law that if a student rides a horse to school the principal has to feed, water, and walk your horse,” former Pondera County Sheriff Carl Suta said, according to Idaho Statesman. “Six of our seniors are aware of this law on their last day of school ever. I think we might be rednecks.”

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