Photographer Sees “Monstrous Bear” Crash Wedding Shoot: “My Heart Rate Went Up To Jesus”

Gypsy Soul Photography & Salon / Instagram

Gatlinburg couple Sarina and Cory will remember their wedding for more reasons than one.

Sure, it was the day they united in love and promised to be together forever, but it was also a day that a bear decided to crash their wedding! Salina and Cory were celebrating their love and took some incredible pictures to remember the day.

But – during their photo session with Gypsy Soul Photography & Salon’s Leah McMahan, a “monsterous [sic] photo bomber,” a black bear, got in one of their shots.

Make sure to swipe through the Instagram post below to see all of the pictures.

McMahan snapped a few more photos of the bear crashing the wedding site before hurrying away with the couple.

By the looks of a photo from the end of the celebration, this couple took it all in stride.

They rode away in style and the memory of their black bear wedding guest is now just a good story.

This black bear isn’t the first animal to photobomb an important moment in someone’s life. Check out Fiona the hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo photobombing a proposal below.