Pizza Delivery Guy Trips Man Running From The Cops

Law&Crime Network / YouTube

Pizza delivery guy, Tyler Morell, had an unusual day at work on a Sunday in Aston, Delaware County, Pennsylvania helping police catch a fleeing suspect.

Tyler had embarked on a regular pizza delivery when he witnessed the astonishing event unfold before him just after 3:30pm.

A vehicle was recklessly speeding down the street when it went off the road and drove through a resident’s lawn, almost causing an accident involving several cars.

“A car just came up doing like 75, he beached on the side of this person’s lawn and almost took out a couple of cars,” Morell said in an interview video with the Law&Crime Network.

Watching in shock and awe, little did Tyler know that his pizza delivery routine was about to turn into him helping in an exciting police pursuit of a stolen Kia from Upper Darby.

After crashing the stolen car on Preston Street in Middletown Township, the 17-year-old thief, who was behind the wheel, quickly got out of the vehicle and ran off. It was at this moment Tyler decided to intervene.

He couldn’t use his hands as he was carrying the customer’s pizza, so he had to improvise quickly because the suspect was running in his direction.

Law&Crime Network / YouTube

He started walking towards the street to narrow the suspects running path and then extended his leg, which tripped the suspect, causing him to fall to the ground. The police were able to apprehend the suspect due to Tyler’s quick thinking.

Brookhaven Chief of Police Michael Vice praised Tyler for his assistance. Tyler’s action helped them to catch the suspect. Tyler was unhappy with the crime happening in his vicinity and stated that he would help the police in any way he could.

“He gave us the help we needed, by tripping him it gave us the time to catch up with the gentleman,” said Brookhaven Chief of Police Michael Vice.

“I am so sick of seeing crime go on, especially half a mile down the road,” said Morell. “So if they needed a hand or a foot, I was there.”

Watch Footage Of The Incident Below

Jhonael Gutierrez-Tejada, 19, was also arrested, as he was the passenger inside the stolen vehicle. The pizza that Tyler was carrying was delivered safely, and the client praised Tyler for his outstanding service.

Tyler became an overnight sensation and was hailed as a hero for his quick thinking. People from other states also contacted him to congratulate him on his bravery.

The stolen car driver was held on a $50,000 bail for receiving stolen property and resisting arrest, while also being charged with various other crimes.

Tyler’s act of bravery earned him a place in the national media and made him a star overnight. Check out Tyler speaking about how everything went down in the video below