Police Dog Jumps Through Man’s Window After Refusing To Surrender Following Chase

FOX 5 San Diego / Facebook

A wild police chase video in Southern California appeared on Facebook showing spectacular footage of a K-9 police dog named Duke jumping through the driver’s side window to take down a man. The reason: the man refused to surrender to the authorities.

The man was allegedly stalking his wife who broke up with him called the police after spotting the man sitting in his truck outside of her house. The report from Fox News in San Diego said that the man was waiting on her to leave so he could run her over with his truck.  

Once police arrived on the scene the man took off and a police chase ensued all the way from the city of Fontana to the city of Corona. The man finally stopped his truck and police surrounded the car.

With rubber shot pellets police blasted the man’s window partially open and scream at him to get out of the truck. He didn’t budge though. He refused to step out of the vehicle and not knowing what the man had on him, it basically became a standstill.

However, within minutes of breaking the man’s window, officer Neff brought brave and mighty Duke the K-9 to see if he could persuade the man to surrender. Wasting no time at all, Duke jumped through the man’s halfway-shattered window and began to bite him.

The man who we later found out was Julio Vasquez, age 31, started punching Duke but the dog didn’t stop doing his job. Finally, Julio relaxed and showed that he had no dangerous objects in his hands and surrendered.

Julio will be charged with a felony for first, stalking his wife, and then charge with another felony for evading police. He might even be charged for punching Duke. The Fox News report said that Duke is a Belgian Malinois who’s a little over 5 years old and was fortunately not injured during the incident.

Video Below Shows K-9 Jumping Through Window