Police Stop Car With Sheep In Backseat

Leicestershire & Rutland Rural Crime / Facebook

Facebook page, Leicestershire & Rutland Rural Crime, serves the purpose of updating the community about crime in the rural areas of Leicestershire and Rutland, and one of their newest posts have some confused and concerned.

Leicestershire Police said they pulled a car over on Friday due to running a red light and it had a full-grown sheep in the back of the vehicle. The stop happened on Loughborough High Street and the driver claimed he purchased the sheep legitimately.

Due to the lack of proper mode-of-transportation (MOT) and not having insurance, authorities seized the animal. They said that it was in good health when they found it and it’s still doing well in their care.

Police and some community members think the driver and passenger possibly stole the sheep and now there’s an ongoing investigation into where it was allegedly purchased.

“Until an owner is identified – we cannot ‘charge’ the suspects with an offence – despite a lot of comments suggesting that we do so,” Leicestershire & Rutland Rural Crime wrote on Facebook.

Police said they will be speaking with the DEFRA next week and using the ear tag numbers found on the animal to dig up more information. They ask if anyone can prove who the owner is, to send them a message on Facebook.

See Full FB Post on Sheep Below