Powerhouse Trace Adkins Delivers Signature Rowdy Jam With New ‘Lit’ Video


Proving that summer really isn’t over, this video kicks off with the country superstar taking the stage at a wild and fun county fair, proving that we’ve still got a few more weeks of fun left!

As the second single to his forthcoming unnamed studio album, and debut album from his new label Wheelhouse Records, “Lit” is proving to be one of the best party anthems of the summer, and Trace Adkins is proving that with this boot-stomping new lyric video!

With neon-inspired lettering and shots of the raucous crowd moving across the screen, this upbeat video is one of the best takes on a lyric video we’ve ever seen!

Already a huge hit with his fans, “Lit” looks to be aiming for the top of the charts and has gotten a lot of praise already from critics with Billy¬†Dukes saying that “Adkins’ rock ‘n’ roll performance [drives] the song” and adds that the full music video is something to look forward to.

Check out Trace’s newest video below and let us know what you think in the comments!