Priscilla Presley Reflects On Elvis’ Tragic Passing On Anniversary Of His Death

Good Morning Britain / YouTube

On the anniversary of her late ex-husband’s tragic passing, Priscilla Presley reflected on her marriage to one of the most iconic singers to ever live, Elvis Presley.

While she explained that she did not leave due to her lack of love for him, she revealed that there was a definite dark side to her life with the King of Rock and Roll…

Priscilla – the only woman Elvis every married –  sat down with daytime talk show Good Morning Britain to open up about the past demons that haunted the singer, revealing a darkness followed the rockabilly singer around his entire life, a sadness she admits he never could shake…

“He was alone,” said Priscilla. “His mother had demons, his father had demons,” she continued before saying, “There was always a bit of sadness in them, in the whole family. Just a little bit. And I don’t think he could have ever been anything different.”

However, she said while Elvis could be moody, he could also be incredibly funny and the life of the party. She went on to explain that looking back on their relationship, she regrets how she wasn’t able to relate to the singer, whom she believed to be incredibly lonely.

Priscilla met Elvis when she was only 14 years old and married him seven years later at age 21. After only a few years of marriage and giving birth to their beautiful daughter Lisa Marie, one of the most famous couples that ever was made the difficult decision to file for legal separation, signing divorce papers in 1973.

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