Python Springs From Bushes To Attack 9-Week-Old Puppy

Wolf Hope / YouTube

Michelle van Schouwen from Queensland, Australia shared a video warning others to keep their pets safe after her nine-week-old puppy got attacked by a carpet python in her backyard.

Wolf Hope / YouTube

The puppy’s name is Jasper and he was only nine weeks old when he got attacked on November 27th (2020). Michelle said she let him out into the backyard so that he could use the bathroom and play for a little bit. As she did, her security camera overlooking the backyard caught everything on film.

Jasper was sniffing around and it appeared he caught onto the snake’s scent and was tracking it down. The scent led him to a chili bush in the garden and like a flash of lightning, all of a sudden, the carpet python comes lunging out of the bushes and grabs hold of Jasper.

Wolf Hope / YouTube

The frightened pup tries to run away but the snake does what it’s born to do and coils around him. Helpless, Jasper yelped and, fortunately, Michelle and her daughter heard him and came to investigate. They ran over to Jasper and we’re shocked to see what they were witnessing, however, there was no time to waste.

Michelle wrote on Facebook, “We used a cardboard Xmas wrap roll to try and knock the snake off him but quickly realised it was useless and we would need to pull the snake off by hand.”

Wolf Hope / YouTube

She fought with the snake and swung it around in circles trying to get it to let go but the snake was reluctant to release. Finally, in a stroke of luck, Michelle was able to grab it behind the head and stop it from biting Jasper. At this point, she flung it to the ground.

“Jasper had some bite marks to his ear and one on the neck,” she added. “I was thankful it wasn’t one of the really big ones that visit our yard as it was challenging enough getting this sized one off Jasper.”

The video was shared on YouTube to warn people to watch their pets when they let them out to potty. Especially, in areas where snakes are commonly seen.

Watch The Puppy / Python YouTube Video Below