Raccoon Goes After Man Distracted By Cellphone

ViralHog / YouTube

A man on his cell phone in Lighthouse Point, Florida on September 5, 2022, got a wake-up call after getting ambushed by an aggressive raccoon in the neighborhood.

In the video, you can see the man looking down and typing away on his phone when a fairly large raccoon comes charging into view, heading straight for the civilian.

The rowdy raccoon must have been making some noises while it was running because when it was about three feet away from the man, he turned around in fear and jumped with fright.

ViralHog / YouTube

 “My sister’s fiance, at their home in Lighthouse Point, FL, last week. He was texting her about dinner and then the security cameras caught this,” the owner of the video shared with Viral Hog who reshared the video on YouTube.

The raccoon stopped when the man turned around and jumped. He danced around trying to avoid a confrontation with it and ended up finding a trash can that he used to create a barrier to separate him and the animal. However, that only lasted a few seconds.

The man stepped away from the trash can and the raccoon chased him across the road, split ways, and then ran off in its own direction. The man walked back towards his fiancee’s sister’s property but this time, keeping a heavy eye on the creature still lurking around in the neighbor’s yard.

Watch The Rowdy Racoon Video Below