Reba & Dolly Fight For The Same Man In Brand-New Duet

Facebook / Reba McEntire

In a new release from Reba’s triple album, she is joined by the one and only Dolly Parton for a “revived” and “revisited” duet of a song that you might just know by heart!

Reba finally dropped the full three-disc album on October 8th, 2021 after weeks of teasing it! The 30-song collection features classic songs from her decades-long career that have been either “revived,” “remixed,” or “revisited.”

The project has songs that are stripped-back, re-recorded, and re-mixed into some hoot’n hollerin’, boot-stomping beats that anyone can enjoy.

For her “Revisited” part of the album, she worked with her hero, Dolly Parton, to recreate a whole new version of her 1990s #1 hit “Does He Love You.”

The original track featured none other than backup-singer turned Grammy winner, Linda Davis, and this new twist on a classic is sure to appeal to all the fans of the original.

Check out the first premiere of the video on Facebook here. 

And be sure to watch Reba’s original below.