Larry The Cable Guy Shows Off Impressive Singing Chops On ‘Masked Singer’

The Masked Singer/YouTube

Wednesday night’s (October 6) episode of The Masked Singer brought one of the most surprising reveals in the show’s history when legendary comedian Larry the Cable Guy was unveiled as the voice behind the baby mask.

Dressed in an adorable, yet slightly frightening, baby costume, Larry had the judges baffled with his clues and his voice. He kicked off his performance with an impressive rendition of Barry White’s “My First My Last My Everything,” followed by an operatic cover of the Flintstones‘ theme song, “Meet the Flintstones.”

The judges’ guesses were all over the place from Chuck Norris and Hugh Jackman to Gordon Ramsay and Bruce Willis. They were shocked when Baby was eliminated from the competition and was revealed to be the Grammy nominated comedian, especially when he told them that he had never sang in front of an audience before.

In an interview following his elimination, Larry the Cable Guy said that his experience on the show was all positive.

“It was just fun. Everybody was super fun and super nice, and it was a great time. It’s a fun set to be on. There were no negatives at all,” Larry said. “They said it would be fun and you would have a blast, and it was all that stuff. I’m glad I did it. It’s all about entertaining and making people laugh and doing something fun that’s totally different, and that’s what it was.”

Watch Larry the Cable Guy’s hilarious rendition of “Meet the Flintstones” below.