Reba Fights Back Tears During Powerful Performance In Her Honor

Youtube / CBS

This year at the 41st annual celebration of the arts, the Kennedy Center recognized some amazing people and all their hard work. Each of the honorees has brought something uniquely special to the music world; leaving an unforgettable mark. One of these honorees being country music icon, Reba McEntire. The artists were honored by their fellow talented peers through performances and tributes.

The four 2018 Honorees included singer and actress, Cher, composer and pianist, Philip Glass, jazz saxophonist, and composer, Wayne Shorter, and of course, the widely talented Reba. A special addition included the co-creators of Hamilton who were also honored.

Reba’s Tribute

Reba’s tribute was the first to start the celebration. Kelly Clarkson took the stage to sing Reba’s 1990 hit, “Fancy.” Before her tribute, she gave a powerful speech thanking the country icon for all she’s done.

The next up to bat was the powerhouse trio Lady Antebellum. One of the lead singers, Hilliary Scott, began their tribute by telling the crowd what she learned most from Reba.

“She taught me that if you’re willing to take risks and out-work everyone around you, you will find your place in this business.”

With Reba in awe of the trio’s heartfelt tribute, they began to sing “Is There Life Out There.” As they graced the stage with their harmonies, Reba couldn’t stop smiling. Directly following, they moved into her 1991 song, “The Greatest Man I Never Knew.” Charles Kelley started off the tune before Scott joined in. The two took turns switching between verses before intertwining theirs.

With a standing ovation from Reba herself, the crowd held out a long, well-deserved applause.

Song With A Story

Both of the heart-stopping songs were off of Reba’s 16th album, For My Broken Heart. The very personal memoir featured several hit singles including “Is There Life Out There.” A year after its release, she won Video of the Year at the ACM Awards.

Congratulations to Reba for her incredible honor. She will continue to inspire artists and fans for years to come.