Kelly Clarkson Reveals One Thing That Makes Her ‘Afraid’ About Her Kids’ Future

Kelly Clarkson / Instagram

Kelly Clarkson – The Singing Show Queen

In 2002, Kelly Clarkson became the first-ever winner of what would go on to become one of the most popular competition series in history…American Idol. The show set the precedent for many similar series to follow, including The Voice.

Today, Clarkson is the undisputed queen of singing reality shows, and not just because of her Idol win nearly 17 years ago.

It’s because she has now experienced immense success as a mentor to hopeful singers looking to mimic her success.

Coaching New Contestants

When The Voice announced its coaches for Season 14, it was revealed that Clarkson was joining the show as a first-time coach. She fit right in to her role, and managed to coach one contestant, Brynn Cartelli, all the way to the winning spot.

She returned once more for Season 15, and coached a powerful team of singers through the show. Once again, she walked away as the victorious coach after team member and talented young country singer Chevel Shepherd was named as the winner.

Perhaps more than anyone else out there, Clarkson knows that the reality show model can work for aspiring singers who want to make their dreams come true. So as someone who has both been through the experience herself and has coached others through it, would she recommend that same path to anyone else?

Is This What She Wants For Her Kids?

An even more complicated question is…would she recommend that same path to her own children?

Clarkson’s two kids, daughter River Rose (age four) and son Remington (age two), are far too young yet to know if they want to follow in their mama’s musical footsteps. While you would think that a successful singer such as Clarkson would like her kids to travel down the same road she has, that’s not the case.

I seriously hope they’re tone deaf,” she said during a recent press conference.

On that note, you can bet that Clarkson also isn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of her kids competing on national television.

I’m afraid of what kind of mom I’d be,” she admitted, saying she fears she would be too hard on her kids and push them to win, just because she would want the best for them. She said her own mom was the same way with her during her time on Idol.

What She Hopes They’ll Grow Up To Be…

So if Clarkson doesn’t want her kids to become singers through reality TV, what are her hopes for them and their lives?

I hope they’re, like, teachers or doctors or something. It’s a hard industry,” she said. 

You have to respect Clarkson’s desire to try and shield her children from the pitfalls of fame. Her love for them is so strong, as you can see in her music video for the touching song, “Piece by Piece.” Remington wasn’t born at the time, but little River Rose makes a special guest appearance in the video, so look out for her!

What do y’all think of what Clarkson had to say about the whole reality show thing? If you were her, would you feel the same way?