Red Dirt Legend Reportedly In Critical Condition – In Need Of Prayers

Brandon Jenkins / Twitter

On February 2, legendary Red Dirt country artist Brandon Jenkins informed his fans that he had entered the hospital and was in need of some prayers. Later that day, Brandon learned he was experiencing “some possible heart issues,” and that he was going to undergo some tests.

The next day, Brandon let his fans know the tests indicated he would need to undergo “major heart surgery.” Despite this frightening news, Brandon seemed to be optimistic.

On February 4, Brandon shared a photo of himself standing in the hospital when he heard the National Anthem performed at the Super Bowl.

On Tuesday (February 20), Brandon updated his fans to let them know he would be undergoing open heart surgery the following day. He said the plan was to go in to surgery by 8 AM and be out by noon.

However, that didn’t happen. On Wednesday (February 21), Brandon’s mom Wilma revealed that he experienced complications in surgery.  Because of this, he had been in the operating room for a total of 14 hours.

After the operation, Wilma said that Brandon had “several critical issues” that doctors would be dealing with over the next two days. She said that he is currently unconscious, and that his chest is still open.

Wilma provided another update on Brandon on Thursday (February 22). She wrote that his chest was still open and he was still sedated. She once again reminded his fans that he is in “extremely critical” condition.

The below Facebook post includes both updates from Wilma.

As you can tell, Brandon is in desperate need of prayers right now, so please keep him in yours. If you would like to help with his medical bills, he set up a PayPal account that you can donate to.

You can find the link for Brandon’s PayPal in the above post, or by clicking here.