Remember When Trace Adkins Sang “Silent Night” With Kevin Costner?

(Left) Radial by The Orchard / YouTube/(Right) Kevin Costner & Modern West / Instagram

Did You Know That Yellowstone Star Kevin Costner Is Also A Country Singer?

Kevin Costner is one of the most recognizable actors in the world. He’s starred in many famous projects, from The Bodyguard, to Dances with Wolves, to Field of Dreams.

His star has only grown brighter in recent years thanks to the television series Yellowstone. Kevin plays the main character in the series, John Dutton.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone
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While Kevin is known worldwide for his acting, not many people know that he’s also a country singer. He and his band, Modern West, have released multiple studio albums since they started performing in 2007.

Back in 2013, Kevin was featured as a vocalist on another country singer’s first holiday album. That country singer was Trace Adkins, and the album was The King’s Gift.

Kevin Costner & His Daughter Lily Sing A Christmas Song With Trace Adkins

The ten tracks that appear on The King’s Gift are all classic Christmas carols. Rather than sing them in a truly “country” way, Trace opted to perform all of the songs in a Celtic style.

Various guest artists, such as Emma Stevens, The Issacs, and Alyth McCormack contributed to the album by dueting with Trace.


Originally, he was going to record “Silent Night” as a duet with a young artist named Lily Costner, who just so happens to be Kevin’s daughter.

But Trace didn’t make this connection when he first started working on “Silent Night” with Lily. During an appearance on Queen Latifah’s talk show in 2013, he recalled how he came to find out Kevin was Lily’s dad:

Lily, his daughter, sang two or three songs on the record, and I was just in one day listening to some tracks and I said, ‘Who is that singing?’ and he [the producer] said, ‘That’s Lily Costner.’ And I said, ‘I’m not familiar with her,’ and he said, ‘You probably know her old man…’ And I said, ‘No way! Her dad’s Kevin Costner?’ So I said, ‘Well, call him and see if he wants to sing…He’s a good singer too.”

Kevin agreed to sing with Trace and Lily on “Silent Night.” Their collaboration was featured as the sixth track on The King’s Gift. Listen to its audio below.

While there is no footage of Trace and Kevin singing “Silent Night” live, there is a clip of Trace and Lily singing it together. You can check out the below video to see that performance.

After listening to this, we’re itching to hear Trace and Kevin collaborate again some day. They worked well together!