Reporter Films Boat Launch Fail As Truck Sinks Into Lake

@JakobEmersonTV / Twitter

Local news reporter Jakob Emerson from WRSP Fox Illinois was standing right beside Lake Springfield filming a segment for his network when something totally unexpected happened behind him.

Jakob’s segment was on a topic that was totally unrelated to what he and his cameraman were about to film, but as the camera rolled, the cameraman pointed out to Jakob what was going on behind him.

You can hear the cameraman say “BRO” as Jakob turned around to look at a 4X4 truck that was about halfway submerged in the water by the boat ramp.

Obviously, this was a big mistake for the fisherman on the boat dock. You can see them throwing their hands up into the air in frustration as they watch their perfectly good truck worth thousands of dollars sink to the bottom of the lake.

@JakobEmersonTV / Twitter

The driver of the vehicle apparently forgot to put the emergency brake on before loading the boat down into the lake and it looks like they are going to have to pay a heavy price for this little mistake.

Jakob simply gasped for air as he moved out of the way so that the cameraman could continue filming the disaster on live TV. The truck disappeared into the depths and the camera cuts off.

“No one in vehicle at time of sinking by the way!” Jakob wrote on Twitter.

Watch Footage Of Truck Sinking Into Lake Below