Elvis’ Ex-Girlfriend Opens Up About Their Intimate Affairs

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Elvis Presley and actress Peggy Lipton had a brief relationship in the 70s, and later, Lipton wrote a book about her experience with the King. 

In Lipton’s memoir, Breathing Out,  the actress did not spare any private details about her time with Elvis. She even went into detail about their intimate affairs. In the book, she wrote:

“He took me away on his plane and brought me up to Tahoe, I believe. We tried to go to bed right away.”

The Mod Squad actress explained that she had very little to talk about with Elvis and admitted that he was always “doing his karate thing or eating.” When reflecting on their visit to Tahoe, she revealed:

“There was really no dialogue there, so we went to bed right away and it just didn’t happen for him.”


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Lipton candidly elaborated, stating that Elvis “didn’t feel like a man next to me, but more like a boy who’d never matured.” Still, the actress hinted that there was still a connection between the two. Lipton described how interesting the King was and gushed about getting to know him.

“Elvis knew he was sexy; he just wasn’t up to sex. Not that he wasn’t built, but with me, at least, he was virtually impotent,” Lipton ultimately confessed.

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