Rock Band Evanescence Covers “The Chain” By Fleetwood Mac

Twitter / NME, Getty Images / Gie Knaeps

Quite a long time after first teasing their reimagined cover of this treasured Fleetwood Mac hit, rock band Evanescence has finally released their full track to the world!

The song, which was commissioned by Xbox for the release of the video game Gear5 from the Gears of War series, has been played throughout the ads for the game – and has sparked quite an interest from people who have heard it!

Recorded just a few months ago, the band’s lead singer Amy Lee gives this folk-rock classic a new twist with her signature vocals and a harder sound than the original. They recorded the song at Ocean Way Studio in Nashville and shared clips of it on their social media in mid-October.

“This cover was so fun to make. We love Fleetwood Mac and wanted to paint a dark and epic picture with our take on ‘The Chain,’” Lee said in the description of the official YouTube video. “The lyrics make me feel the power of standing together against great forces trying to pull us apart, perhaps even from the inside. I really wanted to drive that home in our version, and even made everyone in the band sing by the end of it! We’re beyond excited to share this with our fans and I’m really looking forward to playing it live.”

This cover of “The Chain” marks Evanescence’s first new rock recording in nearly a decade – and to say that folks are excited is an understatement.

See this whole new take on a classic song below – and let us know what you think in the comments!