Kid Breaks Bear’s $67K Glass Zoo Enclosure With Rock & Is Never Seen Again

photo credit: KRON 4 News / Facebook

Kid Uses Rock To Break Zoo’s Glass Enclosure

A child visiting the Oakland Zoo in California allegedly used a rock to break the zoo’s glass barrier to the grizzly bear enclosure, racking up $67,000 worth of damages.

Kid & His Family Escape Without A Trace

The zoo’s spokesperson Erin Harrison said that witnesses reported the kid hitting the glass multiple times with the rock before it cracked and he walked away with his family never to be seen again.

Fortunately, the glass is bulletproof and still has the strength to keep the bears from breaking out, but it’s definitely an eyesore now that it has splintered cracks covering the entire window. Until it’s fixed, in order to keep the other zoo visitors from being frightened, a sign has been placed on the glass that reads:

“Yes, the glass is cracked, but it’s still strong enough to withstand the strength of our bears. Two inches think, and several hundred pounds, this glass is made of several layers and is designed to splinter, not shatter.”

Replacement Glass Has Been Ordered

According to Global News, Erin said a specialized glass was ordered to replace the busted one and is expected to be installed within a month. The glass is one of six separate panes that showcases the bear enclosure.

In the meantime, people are taking pictures of the damaged window and someone even captured a good close-up shot of a bear in the water looking through the splintered glass.

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