Sadie Robertson’s Mom Shows Off Nose Ring

Sadie Robertson/Instagram

The Robertson family rose to fame in 2012 when their show Duck Dynasty became the most watched unscripted show in television history. But, along with the fame came plenty of controversy and criticism, mostly due to the family’s super conservative values.

The show went off the air in 2017, but the family’s fan base has continued to grow. Duck Dynasty‘s biggest celebrity is perhaps 21-year old Sadie, who was only 14 when the show started. With more than 3 million Instagram followers, Sadie’s life is an open book as she shares details about her life, relationships and spiritual journey. In 2015, she revealed that she had received her first tattoo, a decision that drew criticism from some of her fans, but it didn’t phase Sadie.

In the years since, Sadie’s openness has endeared her to fans. She has proven time and again that she doesn’t take herself so seriously that she fails to have a good time. From the looks of a recent Instagram post, Sadie appears to have inherited that trait from her mom.

In a photo posted on her Instagram story Sunday (July 1), Sadie shared a screenshot of herself FaceTiming with her mom, Korie. In the shot, Sadie is laughing as her mom shows off what looks like a new piercing….a nose ring. Sadie captioned the photo saying, ” No ma’am,” and “I’m dead.”

Our guess is that the nose ring wasn’t real and that Korie perhaps surprised her daughter with the new look. But, we won’t know for certain until we see more recent photos of the famous mom of six. See the photo of Korie Robertson with a nose ring below, and let us know what you think. Is it real? Should it stay or should it go?

Sadie Robertson/Instagram