Sadie Robertson “Surprised” Husband With New Pink Hair

Sadie Robertson Huff

Sadie Robertson recently surprised her husband, Christian Huff, with a new hairstyle, and his reaction was priceless.

Sadie shared the adorable moment on Instagram. In the video, the former reality star waited on her husband to answer a video call, which she recorded for fans. Her typically blonde hair was a much bolder color of pink!

While the color change might seem sudden, Sadie admitted that Christian has hinted that he liked the idea of pink hair color since the couple’s gender reveal. In the video, Sadie wrote:

“Ever since our gender reveal party when I had pink paint all over me Christian as been telling me to dye my hair pink…today I surprised him.”

The former Duck Dynasty star was all smiles as she waited for her husband to answer the phone. When Christian’s face finally appeared on the call, he immediately dropped his jaw with surprise. The couple burst into laughter as Sadie showed off her hair, and fans could tell that the new color was a hit! 

For more on Sadie and Christian’s pregnancy story, check out the video below!