After T.J. Osborne Comes Out As Gay, Brother John Shows His Support

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One half of Brothers Osborne, older brother John is beaming with pride for his little brother TJ, after he publicly came out as gay on Wednesday, February 3.

John took to Instagram shortly after his brother made the announcement to share with all his fans just how proud he was of his little brother.

He’s taken one of the most important steps of his entire life, and he’s doing it in front of the entire world. He’s always had my support; no matter what, he will continue to have my support. It’s an honor to call him my brother — he’s a beautiful, amazing human being: so talented, so caring, so giving.”

In an interview with TimeTJ decided it was time for him to share a part of his life that he hadn’t shared publicly before.

The 36-year-old “Stay A Little Longer” singer had been cautious about sharing his private life in the past, but he had never been secretive about it. Most of his close family and friends knew about his sexual orientation and was open about it.

During the interview for Time, TJ opened up saying, “I’m very comfortable being gay. I find myself being guarded for not wanting to talk about something that I personally don’t have a problem with. That feels so strange.”

In response to the article, TJ took to Instagram, posting a sentimental video for his fans expressing how proud he was to share this part of himself with all of them. He explained that he feels as though revealing this part of his life is going to make the relationship with his fans, family, and himself even stronger.


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Read his full interview with Time here and watch John’s sweet message to his brother, TJ below.