Sam Elliott Shares Opinion On “Road House” Co-Star Patrick Swayze

Else Pedersen / YouTube

During a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Sam Elliott explained why Patrick Swayze was a “Texas gentleman” while he worked with him in making the iconic movie Road House.

Road House was released to the public in 1989 where Sam Elliott and Patrick Swayze first worked together.

Elliott talked about how he loved working with Swayze even though he really didn’t think the film was great.

”He was quite a man. He was the sweetest guy you can imagine. He was an incredible gentleman. He was born in Texas and just had this Texas gentleman thing about him. And he had an incredible work ethic,” Elliott said in the interview.

Road House was directed by Rowdy Herrington and was about a tough bouncer hired to bring order to a local bar. Swayze played the tough bouncer hired to protect the small town in Missouri from a corrupt businessman.

In the movie, Elliott was a fellow bouncer as well as a mentor to Swayze’s character.

At the time the movie was released, unfortunately, it was very unpopular and even won the Worst Picture Award (Joel Silver), Worst Director Award (Herrington), and Worst Actor Award (Swayze).

Sam Elliott said, “I know it was a lot of fun doing it. But I think on some levels it was some mindless male fantasy film.”

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