Scientists Pull 5ft Gator Out Of Burmese Python’s Belly

@rosiekmoore / Instagram


26-year-old Florida-based geoscientist, Rosie Moore, said that a 5-foot alligator was found fully intact inside the belly of an 18-foot python after being captured in the Everglades National Park.

The Burmese python was captured, euthanized on site, and then transported to a research lab where its belly was opened up to find the large reptile.

A video was taken by Rosie Moore in the lab and she posted it to Instagram showing the scientists wearing gloves while opening the belly of the snake as it lay on the floor stretched out across some plastic bags.

Once they got the snake’s belly open, they slowly slid the gator out showing that the gator was still fully intact but starting to show signs that the snake’s stomach acids were beginning to break it down.

“The alligator was fully intact,” Rosie wrote in the caption of the post. “Just slight decay on the outer dermal layer. The osteoderms (the bony deposits on the skin) were completely intact!”

Rosie, who is a master free diver living in Boca Raton, said that the smell was absolutely horrendous. She posted the video a little over a week ago and it’s been liked by more than 390 thousand followers.

“Shoulda just cooked the whole thing! Woulda been some kinda creepy Cajun version of a Turducken,” someone commented on her post.

Another person wrote, “Did somebody put some of these in the waters of Florida because these guys are not original(y) from here…”

See Footage Rosie Shared On Her Instagram Below