Security Camera Films Highly Venomous Snake Biting Man Twice

ABC News / YouTube

An Australian man was sitting in his front garden at his home in Gippsland, Victoria when his home security camera captured a snake crawling onto the porch and biting him two times on the leg. 

Malcolm said that he was sitting in a chair on the porch for about 45 minutes when the reptile crawled out from underneath the deck and slithered its way on over to him.

ABC News / YouTube

The snake slithered right under Malcolm and bit him on the leg. However, fortunately, he was wearing pants and the snake’s sharp teeth never penetrated. 

He did feel it trying to bite his leg and kicked causing the snake to freak out and thrash around trying to get away from Malcolm.

“It definitely went for me and you can see it actually struck twice. It jumped – which I have never seen before – and went over my crocs! Yes – socks with crocks and trakky daks folks,” Malcolm wrote on Reddit. “And no, the bugger didn’t get me… I’m here waiting for it with my spade!” 

ABC News / YouTube

He believes it was a tiger snake which is a large and highly venomous snake of southern Australia that accounted for 17% of the snakebite victims in Australia between 2005 and 2015.

“Tiger snakes are aggressive and territorial. This one must have a nest in the front garden and heard me,” Malcolm said. “Yeah, [the] snake handler said he would relocate it in two places minimum!”

Malcolm said he has lived on his property for more than three decades and has killed a few snakes hissing within a few feet from his front door.

“Just need to be aware very much like I wasn’t yesterday!” 

Watch Footage Of The Snake Encounter Below