Shania Twain Comes Clean About Her Live Vocal “Imperfections”

YouTube/Casa Twain

After many fans had questions following her recent live performances at several major events throughout the world, this queen of country-pop spills the beans on exactly what is happening and why she continues to perform live.

Speaking with Canada’s CityTV Breakfast Television, Shania Twain opens up about the struggle to regain her voice after suffering significant nerve damage due to Lyme’s Disease and even through all the trials, why she still performs live.

“The moment of losing my voice – that moment lasted four years,” she told the host. “The dysfunction of the vocal chords in my case – is due to nerve damage…which I’ll have forever. It’s permanent.”

“I can’t undo it, but there are a lot of therapies that help me manage it and work around it.”

Answering a question from the host about fears related to performing live amidst the troubles her disease has caused for her voice, Twain admits that it does become a source of anxiety.

“It does add to the anxiety,” Twain admitted, explaining why sometimes she doesn’t sound the way she thinks she should when singing. “But I’ve come to the point now where as long as my fans accept my imperfections – then I’ll do it.”

“I’ll go out there and take the chance that the right note may not come out or that the right sound or tone may not come out…and, I’m just willing to live with that.”

Most recently, Twain performed live at Canada’s Grey Cup 2017 singing select songs from her past collection and newest album, Now.

Watch the video of her performance below along with the interview in which she discusses struggles with singing live and her vocal troubles.