Shania Twain Wears Bedazzled Bra And Trench Coat For Super Bowl Halftime Medley


Country music icon Shania Twain showcased her riveting music and killer body during her 2003 Super Bowl XXXVII halftime show that left fans speechless!

Football fans and country music enthusiasts were thrilled when a burst of fireworks erupted as Twain made her center stage entrance in a bedazzled bra, black miniskirt, and a full body cape that hugged her waist.

Twain was vocally and visually flawless as she energetically performed her sassy hit “Man, I Feel Like A Woman.” Fans below the stage and throughout the stadium were utterly mesmerized by the singer, eagerly singing and clapping along to the beat.

As she casually glided down the stage’s runway, Twain’s performance quickly transitioned into her uplifting tune “Up.” There was no shortage of smiles as she had an incredible energy about her and made her way into the massive crowd!

With her cape blowing in the wind, Twain gracefully made her way down the stage’s stairs and grabbed the hands of screaming fans. Slowly directing herself back to her platform, the performer hopped on a metal lift and was swept into the air far above the crowd! Twain floated above her fans amidst an array of streamers and fireworks, wrapping up perhaps one of the greatest performances of Super Bowl halftime history.

Check out this unbelievable performance below!