Snake Bites Man On The Tongue When He Gets Too Close

Grabuone Outfitters, Inc. / Facebook

A man with the Mississippi Snake Grabbers was standing on a dock near a river inspecting a snake in his hands. His friend pulled out his phone to film the man, who said he was about to kiss this big diamondback water snake.

After contemplating for a brief moment, the man muttered to himself that the action he was about to undertake might not be wise. Nevertheless, he pushed ahead anyway and slowly extended his tongue towards the wide-open mouth of the snake.

Grabuone Outfitters, Inc. / Facebook

Without any further thought, the man proceeded to thrust his tongue into the snake’s mouth, only to be shocked when the snake suddenly clamped down on it, causing him to widen his eyes in disbelief.

As his companions looked on, they could not help but burst into deep, hearty laughter at the sight of their friend now stuck with a snake attached to his tongue.

The individual behind the camera instructed the others in the vicinity to grasp onto the snake’s body, allowing the man with the snake to utilize his hands in an attempt to pry the reptile’s jaws open and release his tongue.

After some time, the snake finally relinquished its grip, and the man carefully lifted it up, smiling in relief while his companions continued to laugh uncontrollably.

Grabuone Outfitters, Inc. / Facebook

Towards the end of the video, the man was asked, “What do you say?” To which he replied with a grin, “Get yourself one, son!”

Experts say that diamondback water snakes are nonvenomous aquatic snakes found in North America.

They are known for their distinct diamond-like markings along their backs and are often mistaken for venomous water moccasins. They are excellent swimmers and feed on fish, frogs, and other small aquatic creatures.

The production of the video did not result in any harm to either the man or the snake.

Watch The Video Of The Snake Biting Man’s Tongue Below