Coming Soon: Smart Dog Houses With Unique Features

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PetParker Canada is poised to address a common challenge faced by pet many owners in the Vancouver area when it comes to their beloved pets.

“People love to spend time with their pets but sadly, they aren’t always allowed to take them into many stores, food establishments and numerous other venues,” PetParker wrote on their website.

Their plan is to introduce intelligent canine dwellings placed outside commercial establishments, providing a secure and accountable way for owners to temporarily entrust their dogs while attending to other tasks.


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According to the City of Vancouver’s Animal Control Bylaws regarding tethering dogs, dogs owners are not supposed to “tie or fasten a dog to a fixed object by using a choke collar or choke chain or by tying a rope, chain, or cord directly around the dog’s neck.”

It’s a typical sight to witness pet owners tethering their dogs outside businesses, such as restaurants or grocery stores, and quite frankly, often routinely dogs are spotted tied up outside.

Due to the lack of options available to pet owners, one may come across a few dogs inside coffee shops, as their drained and frantic owners hurry to grab a cup of coffee as fast as they can.

These intelligent dog shelters could serve as an excellent remedy.

“We have the perfect solution for those situations. Our PetParker stations allow you to shop, pick up your prescription or run your errands while keeping your companion comfortable and safe,” PetParker said.


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Similar to renting a bike or scooter through your phone, accessing the kennel involves scanning a QR code. The kennels are equipped with ventilation, temperature control, and security, and can accommodate dogs for up to 30 minutes.

In case of an emergency, the business responsible for the kennel will always have a spare key, so you need not worry about a dog getting trapped inside.

“Placing PetParker stations outside your property provides your business with a powerful new way to engage the growing and valuable segment of pet owning households. Now you can not only eliminate unwanted interactions, but also transform the customer experience for increased loyalty and more frequent visits,” PetParker said.

Additionally, the units are provided at no cost! As stated in the company’s FAQ, it anticipates that “the use of most units will be completely free.”

This idea has actually existed for a considerable amount of time. DogSpot, a comparable service, is currently in operation in various cities throughout the United States. PetParker, however, was established by an engineer in São Paulo, Brazil, and came into being in 2018.

As stated on the company’s website, it is currently enlisting businesses located in Vancouver for a launch in the summer of 2023.

“We’ll be making appearances in various public spaces around Vancover in the coming months. Come see a PetParker station and test it out. Follow us on Instagram for updates,” PetParker wrote.

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