Snake Bites Woman Trimming Hedges

WCNC / YouTube

Heatherly Noble was trimming a bush outside her home in Mooresville, North, Carolina when she was bitten by a snake hiding beneath the foliage. Her home security camera captured the entire incident on film and she shared it with the media to raise awareness.

WCNC / YouTube

Heatherly said she didn’t notice the snake at first but felt a sharp pain in her hand. After pulling her hand back, she saw the black snake curled up in the bush, mad, aggressive, and on the attack. That deeply startled her and she stepped back while she was on a 4ft ladder she was standing on and lost her balance.

Heatherly came tumbling to the ground with the chainsaw still in her hand and ended up injuring her knee on the way down. A neighbor heard her crying out for help and ran over to see what was going on.

Heatherly told WCNC she, “Stepped back with my left leg and left the right on top of the ladder and did a little bit of damage. In about two seconds, I had to realize that one, you’ve been bitten by a snake, and I don’t know what kind it is. Secondly, it’s there, and it’s not going away because it’s mad.”

WCNC / YouTube

The women called an ambulance and soon paramedics arrived on the scene and transported Heatherly to a hospital. She was treated for the snake bite and knee injury and later did an interview telling about her experience.

“I guess any snake when cornered is going to come after you,” Heatherly said. “It literally took a split second for this to happen. I should have been wearing more protective gear. The snake won, if anyone is wondering. We don’t want to kill them all, but just be aware that they are out there.”

Heatherly added that she is hoping others will learn from her experience by watching the video and wear protective gear when working in the garden. You can click below now to watch it now.