Soldier Stationed Overseas Ships $200 Worth Of Texas Dirt So Son Can “Be Born Over Texas Land”

Tony Traconi / Twitter

If you’re in the military, it can be extremely hard to be far away from your home for big moments in your life.

In 2019, United States Army paratrooper Tony Traconis knew this much too well, as he was stationed in Italy. Luckily, his pregnant wife was also living in Italy with him. As their due date was approaching, the couple from Texas knew that having their son born on Texas soil was important to them.

Living in Italy posed a problem, but Tony figured out a way to make it happen! He had Texas soil shipped to them.

Tony said, “I spent over $200 on shipping costs for dirt from Texas. The plan is to hide it under the hospital bed so when my wife gives birth my son will be born over Texas land. To be able to say my son was born over Texas is priceless to me.”

After his son was born, Tony tweeted, “Born in an Italian hospital, over Texas land, on national Airborne day. Charles Joseph Traconis, I love you.

Not only did Tony want his son born over Texas soil, he also wanted the first ground his son’s feet ever touched to be Texas “land” as well. See that tweet below!