Son Pushes New BMW Into River Because He Wanted A Jaguar

Twitter / @trafficbuffer, Midadrumimages / Shamantak Mani

It’s his party and he’ll cry if he wants to. 

A young man threw the ultimate tantrum after his parents surprised him with a brand-new BMW sedan for his 22nd birthday. Clearly, there was nothing wrong with this car since it was a brand-spanking-new BMW M3. (Speaking of spankings…maybe a spanking would do this man-child good.)

Anyway, the wonderfully thoughtful and kind (and obviously too generous) parents of this millennial child went out and got him a shiny new car for his birthday. They presented it to Akash, as he’s known, even though they knew he had asked for a Jaguar.

Twitter / @ProbasiBangali

Angered by his parents’ refusal to get him the car he demanded, Akash pushed the car into the river and then shared a video of it floating away on social media. Eventually, the car got stuck on a patch in the middle of the river – and he jumped into the water to try and unstick it.

This all happened over in India. In that country, a BMW costs approximately $50,000 USD, whereas a Jaguar costs $70,000 USD.

Fox News quotes a local police official as saying: “The youth was arrogant and kept insisting that he be given a Jaguar as a BMW is a little small for him and his friends inside. We would do a preliminary investigation but this seems to be a personal matter. We will proceed according to the law.”

Furthermore, the father stated: “I wanted to give my son a birthday present. We could only afford to give him a BMW, while he kept on insisting that he be given a Jaguar. He said the vehicle was too small but we thought he will be okay.

“We never imagined he would do anything like this.”

Check out the video below.