Surprising ‘Idol’ Frontrunner Emerges After Stunning Cover Of “The Dance”

American Idol/YouTube

All of our eyes have been on the country artists vying for the American Idol title, but in doing so we’ve missed some incredible performances from other artists. One such artist is Effie Pasero who caught our eye during Monday night’s Showcase performance when she sang one of country music’s most recognizable songs.

Soft-spoken Effie first wowed the judges when she auditioned for Idol and performed her original song “Troubled Mind,” a song that showed off her powerhouse vocals. In fact, she earned a rare standing ovation during the audition.

“I believe you’re a presence. I believe you’re a look. I believe you have a whole thing going on, and when you deliver that with the way your voice is, it’s like a command,” Luke Bryan told her at the time.

Effie showed during Monday night’s Showcase performance that she isn’t just limited to songs that show off her big voice. Effie eloquently delivered a performance of Garth Brooks’ “The Dance,” a notoriously tough song to cover, that literally gave us chills and made us feel as though we were hearing the song for the first time.

We think you’ll agree that the judges made the right decision to send Effie Pasero on to the Top 24 after hearing her sing “The Dance.” Check it out below and let us know what you think!