Survivors Of Las Vegas Shooting Have Special Request For Jason Aldean

Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CRS

October 1, 2017, will forever be remembered as one of the most tragic days in country music history. Singer Jason Aldean was in the middle of his set at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas when a gunman opened fire on the crowd of roughly 20,000 fans, killing 58 and injuring 489.

Now a group of survivors have come together to create a special gift for Jason Aldean and have extended an invitation for him to finish the concert he started five months ago.

Tiffany Thomas created a Facebook group called “58 Survivors 1 Last Set” where survivors can come together and share their memories and stories.

“After it happened, all I could think about was Jason Aldean,” said Thomas. “I kept thinking like he was up there, he was on that stage, he was singing for us.”

Thomas teamed up with fellow Facebook group member and shooting survivor Gina McKin to create a special gift for Jason Aldean. With the help of the group’s other members, the women created a Shutterfly photo book filled with photos taken before the shooting. Some of the pages were dedicated to victims and some to survivors. The completed book has 91 pages in honor of Route 91.

The group is sending the book to Jason Aldean along with a request that he returns to Las Vegas to complete the set that he started on October 1. The group hopes that the concert would bring together Aldean, survivors and families of the victims.

“It would just be so bonding and so amazing and so emotional and I think so healing.”

What do you think of the group’s request? Should Jason Aldean perform a special concert for the victims of the Route 91 shooting?