Talented Teen Stuns With Pitch-Perfect “Coal Miner’s Daughter” Performance

Judy Hicks / YouTube

Standing at center stage with just a microphone in hand, nobody expected to hear such a powerful and pristine voice ring out from this unassuming young lady.

While there is not much information about what exactly this performance was for, it is clear that young Makenna Harmon is born to be a country singer – she has performed all over at various venues singing covers of classic country hits that will never go out of style.

Taking on Loretta Lynn‘s timeless song, “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, Harmon dazzled and delighted everyone within earshot as she nailed this performance with the same vibrance and gusto that we’d expect from country music’s queen herself!

Lynn’s hit was first released in October 1970 as a single from her album of the same name. The autobiographical tune soared across the charts during a time when women were fighting for success on the radio. The song was a marked departure from Lynn’s known style of sassy songs that brought many unspoken issues to light. Over the years and decades that followed, the song easily became her signature song and even had a movie built entirely around her life and the track’s unforgettable lyrics.

Watch Harmon, a truly talented teenager, blow everyone away with her powerhouse vocals in this tribute to classic country music.