Tearful LeAnn Rimes Breaks Down Talking About Her Mom


Tears streaming down her face, this music superstar reveals that after years of a strained relationship with her mother, things are getting much better – partially thanks to her new album and one of its most personal tracks.

LeAnn Rimes has been in the spotlight since she was just a child. At 11 years old, Rimes easily became one of the youngest performers ever to sign with a major record label and to be featured on country music radio. Her parents were very supportive and her father became her manager.

In the years that passed, Rimes and her parents experienced some really trying times and even a legal battle. Although they’ve gone through a lot, Rimes isn’t looking back.

“Big things were healed in this record,” Rimes said to People Magazine, recalling some of the rumors from the past. “I think it’s about rising from all of that. I’m past it — way past it. That’s not a part of my life anymore. I really am more confident and centered.”

She’s focused on the future and recently opened up about how her new album has been healing, adding that she and her mother have found an incredible new way to connect. One of her most personal and deeply emotional songs on the new album, “Mother”, helped her find healing and reach a new level of understanding with her mom.


“‘Mother’ is still difficult for me to sing,” She continued. “The first line actually gets me…’You know I want the best for you as you’ve always wanted for me’…”

During the interview Rimes couldn’t hold back her tears and emotions about the song that means so much to her and began to break down mid-sentence, adding, “I….I just want my mom to be happy…”

When asked if her mother had heard the song yet, Rimes revealed that she surprised her mom with it as a gift for Mother’s Day, and that she absolutely loved it. While she has reconnected with her mom on a new level, Rimes confesses that penning the track was an important moment for her as an individual.

“[It] was a very healing thing to write,” she explained. “It’s all about acceptance and healing this generational pain that’s passed down from mothers and grandmothers.”

In addition to finding a path to healing while writing the song, Rimes says that there was a point just after writing the song that she experienced a beautiful moment of understanding for her mom.

“Something happened with my step-son, and I felt one-tenth of wanting to protect my kid the way she wanted to protect me,” Rimes said. “And I started crying. I was texting my mom like, ‘Oh my God, I understand now and I totally accept you for who you are.’”

Her story is a beautiful one of emotion, family, and healing that everyone can appreciate. The song itself is a stunning tribute to mothers and the special bond they share with their children.
Watch Rimes’ full interview below.