Tearful Ted Nugent Reacts To Trump Win

YouTube/Anonymous Wolf

The outspoken musician and television star nearly breaks down while declaring his freedom from Hillary Clinton, saying that “we don’t accept liars and scammers and thieves”.

Ted Nugent has been one of the most vocal celebrity supporters of Donald Trump’s campaign for Presidency and even graced fellow supporters with several performances of some of his biggest hits.

Always unafraid to speak what’s on his mind or how he feels about a topic, Nugent has remained a steadfast republican and dedicated supporter of conservative values.

In this new video uploaded to his Facebook¬†account, Nugent is so overcome with emotion he’s at the verge of tears; ecstatic that his favorite candidate had taken control of the White House and that America had voted to uphold the message of Donald Trump.

Going from a state of overwhelming emotion to one of intense and robust use of language, Nugent expresses his views on unemployment, work ethic, and other things.

At one point, Nugent experiences euphoria when he preaches his appreciation for America’s metaphorical “middle finger”.

“Nice goin’ America. Man I love you little monkeys all across this land,” Nugent says in the nearly 12 minute video. “But the most important thing right now….I really, really love your middle finger. You have a beautiful middle finger, America. I’d like to just caress that middle finger and stroke that middle finger and give it a big kiss!”

Watch Ted Nugent’s response to waking up and finding out that Donald Trump was elected President in the video below!