Texas Roadhouse Workers Transform ‘Redneck Woman’ Into A Line Dance

Bailey Hennemann / YouTube

Waiters & Dancers All In One

Anyone who has ever been to Texas Roadhouse knows that eating there can be quite the experience.

Whenever certain songs come on, the workers will stop everything and break out into a choreographed dance right in front of your table. You get dinner and a show for the price of one!

The staff at the Texas Roadhouse in Worcester, Massachusetts takes the dancing part of their job quite seriously. So seriously in fact, that they’ve hosted massive parking lot parties to show off the elaborate dances they’ve set to some of country music’s hottest hits.

The Perfect Line Dance Song

One of the songs that the Worcester team transformed into a red-hot line dance was Gretchen Wilson‘s “Redneck Woman.

Released as Wilson’s debut single in 2004, “Redneck Woman” topped the Hot Country Songs chart and crossed over to reach the 22nd spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song’s fast and fiery pace makes it the perfect line dancing track. There’s no shortage of line dancing videos set to the tune, but the Texas Roadhouse workers’ is one of the absolute best.

Wearing their matching Texas Roadhouse t-shirts, red sneakers, and bandanas, the group of workers took to the parking lot and formed two long lines facing away from each other. The workers started moving from the second the song kicked off, bursting into a series of turns and hops.

Bailey Hennemann / YouTube

Time For Y’all To Try

Their routine featured all of your traditional line dancing moves, but had a bit of extra flair. The two lines also weaved through each other a few times, adding a little more complication to their routine.

Overall, the dance was fast-paced, fun, and full of spunk. That’s what makes it so entertaining to watch! Check it out in the video below.

Who ever would have thought that a bunch of restaurant workers would be such skilled dancers? Goes to show, there’s hidden talent everywhere!