The 9 Artists Who Won “The Voice” As Members Of Team Blake

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Team Blake Won The Voice Nine Times

If you ever voted for Team Blake during Blake Shelton’s 23 seasons on The Voice, then this list is for you.

On December 13, 2022, Bryce Leatherwood was named the winner of Season 22 of The Voice. His win was the ninth for his coach, Blake Shelton, who holds the record for the most wins of any Voice coach.

Leatherwood’s win came one year after Team Blake’s Cam Anthony won The Voice during Season 20 in 2021.

Blake Shelton and Season 22 "Voice" winner Bryce Leatherwood
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Do you remember Anthony or Shelton’s other winning Voice contestants? In this list, we’ll reintroduce to you to all of Team Blake’s past champions and fill you in on all they have accomplished since they won the show.

Of course, we’ll talk about Leatherwood as well!

Jermaine Paul – Winner Of Season 2

Jermaine Paul was 32 years old when he won The Voice during Season 2 in 2012. After winning the show, his rendition of “I Believe I Can Fly” made it to the 83rd position on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The R&B and gospel singer’s debut single, “I Believe In This Life,” was released later in 2012. He debuted the song as a guest performer during Season 3 of The Voice.

Jermaine remains active on social media and keeps his fans updated on his career and daily life.

Cassadee Pope – Winner Of Season 3

Cassadee Pope won Season 3 of The Voice in 2012 at the age of 23. She was the first-ever female artist to win the show.

Pope is one of the most successful Voice alums. The country singer now has two Platinum-certified singles to her name, including her Grammy-nominated collaboration with Chris Young, “Think of You.” The song was also a number one hit on the Country Airplay chart.

More recently, Pope released her third album, Rise and Shine, in August 2020.

Danielle Bradbery – Winner Of Season 4

Danielle Bradbery was only 16 years old when she won Season 4 of The Voice in 2013. At the time, she was the youngest-ever winner in the history of the show (that record is now held by Brynn Cartelli, who was 15 when she won Season 14).

Bradbery has released two studio albums and a number of singles since her Voice win. Her most successful single was 2013’s “The Heart of Dixie,” which peaked at the 12th spot on the Country Airplay chart.

Bradbery also got the chance to collaborate with Thomas Rhett in 2018. They recorded a song titled “Goodbye Summer,” and that track claimed the Country Airplay chart’s 39th spot.

The success of that song and Bradbery’s sophomore album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met, led to her being nominated for the New Female Vocalist of the Year award at the 2019 ACM AwardsShe released a new song, titled “Never Have I Ever,” in 2020.

Craig Wayne Boyd – Winner Of Season 7

Two seasons passed before Shelton won The Voice again with 35-year-old country singer Craig Wayne Boyd

Boyd’s coronation single, “My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face,” debuted at the #1 spot on the Hot Country Songs chart. Only one other song had ever debuted at the chart’s #1 spot before, and that song was Garth Brooks’ 2007 single “More Than a Memory.”

Today, Boyd is a father of five. He remains active in the music industry, and released his first post-Voice album, Top Shelf, in 2017. 

Sundance Head – Winner Of Season 11

Sundance Head was no stranger to competition series when he signed on for Season 11 of The Voice. He previously appeared on the sixth season of American Idol, but was eliminated one week before the finale.

Head didn’t meet the same fate on The Voice. On top of advancing to the finale, he won the show! He wrote his coronation single “Darlin’ Don’t Go,” which became a Top 10 hit on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Head continues to share his music with his devoted fans. He released a new album, titled Stained Glass and Neon, in 2019. 

Chloe Kohanski – Winner Of Season 13

Chloe Kohanski was just a few days shy of turning 24 when she won Season 13 of The Voice in 2017.

Kohanski became Shelton’s sixth contestant to win the show, though she wasn’t always on his team. Miley Cyrus was her original coach, but Shelton stole her following the knockouts. Only two other “stolen” contestants had ever gone on to win The Voice before (Season 6’s Josh Kaufman and Boyd from Season 7).

Her first post-Voice single, “Come This Far,” was released in 2018. She returned to the Voice stage to share the song as a guest performer during the Season 14 finale that year.

Kohanski also has a post-Voice EP, titled Fantasy, which was released in July 2019. 

Todd Tilghman – Winner Of Season 18

At age 42, Tilghman was the oldest-ever person to win The Voice. His family (including his eight children), celebrated with him when he was named the winner of Season 18.

Unlike any of Shelton’s previous Voice champions, Tilghman was unable to meet with his coach in person while the live shows were filmed. The world environment meant that all of the shows were filmed remotely, so Tilghman didn’t get the one-on-one, face-to-face guidance from his coach that previous Voice winners received.

Still, he rose to the challenge, and delivered one extraordinary performance after another. To say his coach was thrilled for him would be an understatement.

Cam Anthony – Winner Of Season 20

Shelton knew from the get-go that 19-year-old Cam Anthony was someone special. During the first live show of the season, Shelton let Anthony know he has a bright future ahead of him:

I’ve never had more people asking me about an artist on my team in 20 seasons of doing this show, man,” Shelton said. “You could be the first superstar that we launch off the show.”

It seems that Shelton had a feeling Anthony would win the show…and he did!

Bryce Leatherwood – Winner Of Season 22

Shelton was blown away by Leatherwood’s voice in the blind auditions. Funny enough, Leatherwood came close to being eliminated from the show early on in the competition. He was left to compete in one of the Instant Save rounds…and if he lost, he would have been sent home. But he won!

Leatherwood continued to prove himself with each passing week, and eventually ended up winning the season.

He and Shelton later reunited to sing “Hilbilly Bone” at Shelton’s Ole Red bar.

As you can see, Leatherwood joins a list of talented Team Blake winners who have gone on to make names for themselves in the music industry. With Shelton behind him as a source of support, he’s sure to be a star!

Shelton left The Voice after Season 23, having coached hundreds of contestants over the years. It makes us sad there will never be another Team Blake on The Voice!