The Insane Reason Why A Tim McGraw Fan Has Been Accused Of Stealing $500K From Her Job

The Heights

Country fans often save up their money for months or even the entire year in order to attend a concert where their favorite artist will be performing. But one Tim McGraw fan in Alaska has now been accused of taking someone else’s money to fund her concert experience.

According to The Juneau Empire, 43-year-old Christena A. Leamer has been accused of embezzling money from Juneau Bone and Joint Center, where she worked as an office manager. Through her position, Leamer was responsible for processing payroll and purchasing supplies for the office, and was issued a business credit card to do so. The Empire‘s report states that Leamer is now facing a felony theft charge and has been accused of using the business credit card to make personal purchases.

The Empire obtained the charging document filed by the Juneau District Attorney James Scott on August 17, which claims that Leamer started embezzling from her employer in September 2007. It wasn’t until Leamer left the company in October 2015, the document claims, that her embezzlement came to an end.

The charging document states that Leamer made personal purchases with the business credit cared that totaled up to $514,371.76. So what did Leamer spend all that money on? According to The Empire‘s report, she booked 48 flights, cremated her cat, and paid for her admission to one of McGraw’s concerts, among other things.

The charges went unnoticed by Leamer’s company until the new office manager, Joseph Powers, filled in her vacant position. Upon arriving at the company, Powers states that he found many “inconsistencies” in the accounts Leamer used. The business owners hired a forensic certified public accountant to help them, and according to their report there was evidence that Leamer also paid herself unauthorized wages in addition to her normal salary.

The accountant’s report breaks down the nature of Leamer’s alleged charges in more detail, stating she spent most of the money on fuel, utilities, and phone payments. Based on the report, Leamer is also accused of using $36, 832.71 to take various trips, including one to Los Angeles to visit Disneyland and to see McGraw’s concert.

In total, the accountant’s report on Leamer is detailed over the course of 500 pages. When questioned by her employers about the alleged embezzlement, Leamer reportedly said, “I guess I used [the card] by mistake and it got out of hand. I can’t explain why.

According to court records, Leamer was scheduled to appear for arraignment on Thursday (September 1). If all the accusations against Leamer are correct, then this is one of the craziest stories we’ve ever heard!