The Mind-Reading Machine That Pours Your Ideal Beer

cottonbro studio / UnSplash

Get ready to have your mind blown, because beer drinkers no longer need to have to think twice about reaching for a cold brewski!

Thanks to the world’s first mind-reading beer pump, thirsty drinkers can sit back and let the robot technology do all the work.

This incredible machine, named Homer, uses electroencephalogram (EEG) technology to track brain patterns via activity in the forehead. And get this – the more focused the drinker is, the better their pint will turn out!

It’s all thanks to the genius of entrepreneur, robotics expert, and neuroscientist Seth Jackson from Bristol. Seth set up the company Thirsty Thoughts just a year after creating Homer, and since then, the machine has poured over 10,000 mind-controlled pints to delighted users.

According to Metro, Seth said, “This is the world’s one and only mind controlled, beer-pouring robot. It reads your mind and measures your mental focus. It doesn’t know what your focusing on, you could be focusing on anything, but you’re controlling the robot pour of the tap and the angle of the glass. If you’re good at it, you pour the perfect pint, if you’re bad at it, you make a big frothy mess all over my robot.”

But Homer isn’t just a cool party trick – it’s hoped that the machine will inspire young people to get into engineering.

As Seth says, “We built it eight years ago as an experiment, as a prototype, and it’s turned into an amazing business. It’s technology for joy.”

So if you’re ready to experience the ultimate in mind-blowing, thirst-quenching technology, head on over to Thirsty Thoughts and let Homer pour you the perfect pint!