Blake Shelton Tries To Prank Kelly Clarkson On “The Voice” & Fails Big Time

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Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson were friends long before they started coaching together on The Voice. That pre-established rapport has resulted in some hilarious moments as Voice viewers watch their sibling-like relationship unfold.

Clarkson and Shelton often tease each other, joke around, and playfully bicker…especially during the blind auditions.


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In one comical moment, Shelton attempted to pull a prank on Clarkson during the auditions for Season 23. When Clarkson left her chair, Shelton got up and spilled some water in her seat.

Shelton tried to play it cool as Clarkson returned. Unfortunately for him, she noticed the water right away. She also immediately placed the blame on him! “Was it Blake?” she asked.

Her question caused Shelton to slip up. He was taking a drink at that exact moment and laughed mid-sip.

Clarkson noticed Shelton’s smile right away. He attempted to cover his tracks, and made up some story about a leak in the ceiling.

Of course, Clarkson didn’t buy it. “You are such a liar!” she said before asking for someone to bring her a towel.

She has changed now that she has her own talk show,” Shelton joked, which got a good laugh out of fellow coach Chance the Rapper.

You can watch Shelton’s failed attempt to prank Clarkson in the video below. These two are too funny to handle sometimes!