The PGA Tour Pays Tribute To Toby Keith

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Toby Keith, renowned for this chart-topping country hits, shared another passion with his fans: golf.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Keith was an avid golfer, often seem honing his skills on the fairways and greens. He wasn’t just a casual player; Keith’s commitment to the sport was evident in his annual charity golf events, where he combined his love for the game with philanthropy, raising substantial funds for cause close to his heart.

Toby Keith and wife playing golf.
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Toby Keith’s Impact On Golf And Charity

Many in the country music and sports worlds were aware of Toby Keith’s prowess on the golf course, thanks in part to the annual golf fundraiser hosted by the Toby Keith Foundation every year.

Just last year, Keith’s 19th annual event garnered over $1.8 million for pediatric cancer research. This achievement was a source of great pride for both Keith and his foundation, as they shared their gratitude in a message posted a couple of week after the event.

He also hosted the Schooner Fall Classic at Belmar every September, a women’s Division I college golf tournament. The coveted prize was a signed guitar, adding a unique touch of music to the sporting event.

Toby Keith at the Schooner Fall Classic with the women's Division I team.
Photo: Wake Forest Athletics

A Country Music Icon And Golf Enthusiast

Keith even released a comedic song about his golf game in 2017, which resonates with those who also enjoy swinging a club on open green courses. This song might strike a chord with golf fans everywhere.

If you haven’t listened to the song, check it out below!

Remembering Toby Keith

The world has been flooded with heartfelt tributes to the country legend following the news of his passing. Numerous artists and friends have crafted statement to honor their cherished companion.

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Fellow golfer John Daly shared a post to social media, expressing his strong opposition to cancer, mourning the loss of one of his closest friends.

The PGA Tour also joined the tributes by sharing a highlight reel of Keith in action on the golf course, showcasing his love for the game and his skill on the links.


Beloved in the golf world. Rest in peace, Toby Keith. ❤️

♬ Cowboy Sunday – Amanda Rosa

Whether he was strumming a guitar or swinging a club, Toby Keith continued to captivate audience both on and off the stage, embodying the spirit of both country music and the timeless sport of golf.

Watch Toby Keith’s best golf shots below!