Toby Keith’s Daughter-In-Law Honors Him In Emotional Tribute

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Toby Keith Passed Away On February 5 Following A Battle With Stomach Cancer

Toby Keith’s daughter-in-law, Haley Covel, is remembering the incredible role he played in her life.

Toby passed away on Monday, February 5 at the age of 62. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2021, and stepped away from the spotlight to focus on his family and his health.

His diagnosis came just one month before his son, Stelen, married Haley

Toby Keith's daughter-in-law, Haley Covel, paid tribute to him after his death
Stelen Keith Covel / Instagram

During an appearance on Katie & Company in December 2023, Toby shared how worried he was about Stelen and Haley’s wedding. Especially since he agreed to walk Haley down the aisle.

“And my son was getting married, and his wife didn’t have a father. And she asked my son, Stelen, if I’d walk her down the aisle. I said ‘sure.’ And now I’m a month away from that, and I’m thinking ‘I might not even make it that far.’ I didn’t know, you know? When you get diagnosed, you just freak.”

Toby Keith’s Daughter-In-Law Shares Touching Tribute After His Death

But Toby made it, and he walked Haley down the aisle as promised. It meant the world to her that he was there for her in that moment.

After Toby passed away, Haley honored him in an emotional tribute on her Instagram page. She shared a photo of him walking her down the aisle, and described how that memory means “so much.

“I’ll never have the right words to say,” Haley wrote. “Toby was larger than life at home and on stage. It’s a complete honor to be his daughter-in-law. He took me in as his own and I’ll forever be grateful for that. He touched the lives of so many and I’m blessed to be one of those.”

She ended her post by thanking everyone for keeping her and the rest of Toby’s family in their prayers during this difficult time.

See Haley’s tribute to Toby below. Our hearts to go out to her and all of Toby’s loved ones…

Toby Keith was the founder of the Toby Keith Foundation. The foundation helps support the OK Kids Korral, which serves as a home-away-from-home for families with children undergoing cancer treatments. If you’d like to make a donation in Toby’s memory, you can visit the Toby Keith Foundation’s official website here.