Tiger Woods “Was Not Drunk” During Crash, Sheriff Says

YouTube / Guardian Sport

Just after the golfing legend narrowly avoided a possibly fatal car crash, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office held a press event and revealed the answers to some of the questions many folks and news agencies had been asking surrounding the incident.

The accident occurred shortly after Tiger Woods was taking part in a documentary series for Golf Digest with Dwyane Wade and David Spade. Eyewitness reports state that Woods got into his Genesis GV80 SUV, there was a pause while he was in the car and then he took off. Moments later he crashed his vehicle in an upscale part of Los Angeles.

Speculation as to whether Woods had been drinking and driving or was perhaps under the influence of another type of substance had run wild in the two days since the crash.

In a press conference, LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva stated point-blank that Tiger Woods was not drunk at the time of the crash, but that does not mean everything had been ruled out.

Specifically, Villanueva said: “He was not drunk, we can throw that one out.”

But, he added that crash investigators who are handling the case have the right to seek a blood sample from Woods if deemed necessary. They also have the ability to seek information from his cell phone, cellular provider, and his car’s data recorder to help piece together what exactly happened during this early morning crash.

According to the doctors treating him, Woods had sustained multiple broken bones which pierced through the skin of his leg and required extensive surgery on his lower right leg and ankle. It is sure to be a long road to recovery for Tiger Woods – especially given that he had just undergone another spinal surgery on December 23rd, 2020.

Watch the press conference from the LA County Sheriff’s Office below.