Tim Allen’s Real-Life Daughter Is Playing His Daughter In Upcoming “Santa Clause” Series

Disney Plus / YouTube

In January of this year, Disney announced that Tim Allen would be reprising his role as Scott Calvin/Santa Clause for an upcoming limited series for Disney+.

Allen first starred as Santa in the popular Santa Clause movie trilogy that premiered in 1994. He played Scott Calvin, a businessman who inherits Santa’s responsibilities after the man in red dies falling off of his roof. In the franchise’s second film, Allen’s character is on the search for a Mrs. Clause, and battles it out with Jack Frost to protect the North Pole in the third installment.

The new streaming series called The Santa Clauses picks up near Santa’s 65th birthday as he finds his Santa magic waning. Santa is on the hunt for a replacement while also preparing his family for life away from the North Pole.

The huge event D23 took place over the a few weeks ago, where the House of Mouse released countless trailers and teasers to all their upcoming works, including The Santa Clauses!

In the trailer, Santa announces his impending retirement and tells his elves about his search for his replacement. Of course, they all begin freaking out! One of his interviewees is NFL legend Peyton Manning, who puts on one heck of a comedic performance!

Other actors returning to the series are Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Mrs. Claus and joined the franchise in the sequel, as well as Santa’s trusty elf Bernard (played by David Krumholtz). Entertainment Weekly reports that Eric Lloyd is returning, who has played Calvin’s eldest son Charlie in all three movies.

At the end of the third film, Mrs. Clause gives birth to their first child together, a son named Buddy. He will be played by Austin Kane in the series. Another familiar face to Allen – but a new one to us – is the actress who plays his 13-year-old daughter in The Santa Clauses. She is played by Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Allen’s real-life 13-year-old daughter! She can be seen in the cast photo below.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Allen reveals that had nothing to do with her casting! She came in to read for one of the elves, which Allen thought would be an awesome experience for her.

“It’s difficult to believe, but it had very little to do with me,” the actor told EW. “I wanted to put my youngest daughter as an elf, just so she’d see herself in a movie. But as she was reading for that, she read so well that they said, ”We’d like to read her for more of a part.’ I said, ‘Whatever you want to do. I want nothing to do with it. I don’t want to pitch my daughter for a part in the movie.’ But she ended up moving to the high ranks. They loved how she read, loved it so much, because she’s playing a 13-year-old girl and she is 13. They ended up casting her as Santa’s daughter. It was a surprise but it became the most amazing experience.”

EW reveals that the storyline for the show is that Santa wants to retire and relocate his family to Chicago so his kids can experience normal lives. All they’ve known is the North Pole, so his daughter is reluctant. And filming scenes with her was incredible.

“I don’t want to give too much away, but she doesn’t want to go,” Allen said. “So I tell her, ‘Being afraid is okay as long as we can be afraid together.’ Even saying the line, I get a little choked up. I looked right at her. One of my photographer buddies was shooting and said it was tear-jerking to watch. I said, ‘Well, I’m looking at my kid.’ And she literally showed what I learned from Pat Richardson on Home Improvement: Real actors can really emote real emotions. She did it to me there, and I reacted to it, and it was an amazing moment. I’ll never forget it.”

Read the full interview here, which includes a cast photo of the Clauses, and you can see jsut how much Allen’s daughter looks like him!