Shania Twain Channels The ’80s With New Comeback Song

Shania Twain music video for Waking Up Dreaming

Shania Twain/YouTube

Shania Twain is back with her first single release in five years, and the singer pulled out all the stops to make the comeback memorable.

While the world was locked down during the pandemic, Shania Twain was writing songs and preparing for what would become her sixth studio album. While the album is yet-to-be named and doesn’t have a release date, Twain told The Sun that fans can expect a happy record.

“I’m really excited about cheering people up,” said Twain. “This album is very chirpy, and I’m very frank with my lyrics on it, so it’s not a fluffy, lyrical album. It’s a happy album.”

She added “I had a very productive songwriting pandemic period and — as much as we were isolated — it was almost like I wanted to cheer myself up, and that just came out in the music. It’s so danceable.”

Shania gave fans a taste of the new project by releasing a new single and its music video.

The music video for “Waking Up Dreaming” will thrill lovers of the 1980s as Twain rocks teased hair, bold makeup and plenty of ’80s-inspired outfits. The singer shows off crimped hair and a Tina Turner-esque look in scenes that appear to be backstage as she prepares to perform.

In an interview with BBC One, Shania admits to being a daydreamer and says that this video allows her to be characters that she’s never had a chance to be in any of her previous videos.

“Daydreaming allows you to dream about things that may never become a reality. It’s all about escapism….it’s a lot more fun to dream while you’re awake and make up what you might want to be,” Shania said.

She added of the video, “I wanted to be a rock star. I want to be Prince, I want to be Cindy Lauper. I wanted to be all of those fun crazy things I’ve never actually done in any of the fashion things I’ve done in the past.”


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Along with the release of “Waking Up Dreaming,” Shania revealed that she is now signed to Republic Nashville, a division of Republic Records.

“I couldn’t think of a better partner than Republic Nashville,” Shania Twain said in a press release. “I’m honored and excited to be the label’s first artist and lead the charge of this new and exciting chapter. In this respect, it feels like a new beginning all around, and I’m embracing it wholeheartedly.”

Shania Twain new single "Waking Up Dreaming"
Shania Twain/Instagram

The last year has been a busy one for the star who concluded her Las Vegas residency and released a documentary about her life and career on Netflix. But, there’s still plenty more on Shania Twain’s to-do list. The “Any Man of Mine” singer told The Sun that she has at least two more projects on her mind: a biopic film about herself and a musical.

“Both of those things are possibly in the future,” the 57-year-old told The Sun. “All sorts of things are in the pipeline. I’m writing songs all the time, and the Netflix documentary has been a huge talking point in my life and career. There’s all sorts of things coming up but things I probably can’t talk about right now. But I’ve got a very busy few years ahead of me.”

See Shania Twain‘s music video for “Waking Up Dreaming” below.