Tim McGraw Wants To Collab With His Daughters, But They Turned Him Down

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Tim McGraw, one of country music’s biggest stars, has a dream collaboration in mind, but it seems like his daughters are not quite on board.

The multi-talented singer shares three daughters with his superstar wife, Faith Hill – Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey, aged between 21 and 26. All of them have inherited their parents’ musical genes, with Gracie even wowing fans with a stunning George Jones cover earlier this year.

In an interview with ET Online, McGraw revealed that he’d love to team up with his daughters for a song. The idea of a family band, where all five of them join forces, clearly excites him. He praised his daughters’ vibrant personalities, saying they are “the life of the party every time they’re around” and serve as an inspiration in many ways. However, it appears that convincing them to sing together is not an easy task.

“They’ll sing with mom. But I’m probably not up to par with the rest of them,” McGraw humbly admits, acknowledging that he might not be the strongest singer in the family. Despite his enthusiasm and persistence in bringing the family together for a musical collaboration, his daughters seem to have other plans and are hesitant about the idea.

Tim McGraw sits down with Entertainment Television to talk about his tour and his family life.
Tim McGraw sits down with Entertainment Television to talk about his tour and his family life. (photo credit: etonline video screenshot)

Will Tim McGraw’s Daughters Do A Singing Collaboration With Him?

While McGraw and Hill have a history of combining love and music, having toured and recorded together throughout their careers, their daughters aren’t ready to follow suit just yet. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any exciting projects on the horizon for the couple. They recently showcased their acting chops by co-starring as James and Margaret Dutton in the Yellowstone prequel 1883. Their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, leaving fans wondering if they’ll share more stages or screens in the future.

Will Faith Hill Do Another Collaboration With Him?

When asked about the possibility of performing with Hill again, McGraw didn’t dismiss the idea, saying, “Maybe! I mean, we’re never gonna count it out.” He spoke highly of his wife’s singing talent, considering her “one of the greatest singers in the world.” He believes that trying to keep up with her vocals pushes him to be a better singer himself.

However, for now, Tim McGraw is fully focused on his solo endeavors. Fans can look forward to his upcoming album, Standing Room Only, scheduled for release at the end of August. And if that’s not enough to get excited about, he’s planning a tour with the same name in 2024, taking his new music to stages across the country.

While the prospect of a McGraw family collaboration might be on hold for now, fans can still revel in the individual talents of Tim McGraw and his daughters. Who knows what surprises the future may hold? Country music fans and Tim McGraw diehards alike will undoubtedly keep their eyes and ears peeled for any new developments.

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